Sunday, 5 August 2012

Top Twitter Accounts That a SEO Should Follow

Hello Internet Marketers,
  We are back with some new and intresting information that you all will find useful. This time we will tell you about Top Twitter Accounts that a SEO Should Follow.

Twitter has created its own empire in last decade. It has grown to billions of users worldwide. You can find almost everyone here, celebrities, politicians or teachers. And there are some people and accounts that post about latest internet marketing trends and topics. Following these Twitter Accounts can help a SEO to remain updated and a step ahead in their field. Here are Top Five Accounts, that almost every SEO Should Follow:

1. A Googler @google

This Accouunts is managed by google staff and they post latest update and happening of the largest search engine of universe. Their twitter tag-line says "News and updates from Google". This is, as per my opinion most important accounts that any people in field of internet marketing should follow.

2. Matt Cutts @mattcutts

Matt Cutts is the head of webspam team at Google, and posts frequently about how to make a great website and wha tsearch engines look in website to make it rank. Matt can be of good help for anyone.

3. Danny Sullivan @dannysullivan

Danny is the editor and founder member of SearchEngineLand. He post about SEo, SEM and PPC. His posts regarding blogging and internet marketing are great and a must to follow.

4. Lee Odden @leeodden

Lee is the director of Top Rank, one of the best internet marketing firms on earth and author of OptimizeBook. He write abouts tips to optimize a website and different ways that can make your online business a succcess.

5.Barry Schwartz@rustybrick

Barry calls himself Search Geek. He is Search Engine Land author and currently editor of Search Engine Roundtable. He write grate posts about Internet Marketing and his tips can be very handy for your daily Job.

These are the Top Five Accounts that every SEO should follow. In Addition to these you can Follow me on Twitter, where I am pretty much active and posts my experience about Internet Marketing.

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